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Yuval was founded to take on the challenge and the responsibility of educating and training in the arts and it is a messianic educational community and worship center founded in 2010.

Yuval leads the way for students to be disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) who live a life of worship in spirit and truth.

The name Yuval was chosen because Yuval was the first musician in the bible.

Genesis chapter 4 speaks about the first musician – Yuval – 

Yuval in Hebrew means river and it's also connected to Jeremiah chapter 17:7-8








The body of believers in Israel is growing at an incredible speed and is a melting pot of cultures which provides for artistic overflow. There are extremely talented young man and women on one hand and on the other hand we still see such a need to support, unify and direct young believing artists that are taking their first steps and create a home base for today's worshippers that are on the front line in their artistic fields.


Our heart is to see the body of believers reaching its full potential,

growing and becoming stronger in their skills in order to become leaders.

We believe that the arts can strengthen and unify the body of believers in the land and worldwide.

What makes Yuval Unique?

We believe that worship in a matter of the heart – the attitude with which we live our lives to God. Whatever we do, however we speak, sing, dance, play, act, craft…

May our worship be in spirit and in truth, God-centered, disciplined, reverenced, expectant, skillful, complete.

Yuval is currently the only worship training center in Israel. In both our campuses, we cultivate a safe environment for our students to relax, hang out, have fun, open up, and most importantly, to be discipled by our staff members.

We encourage unify between all ages, nationalities and denominations.



CREATE – turn theory into action by producing video clips, art and music with our students and the local believing artists in order to encourage and to shine the light of Yeshua (Jesus).

INSPIRE – Exhortation of the body, encouraging everyone to use their gifts in a local congregation and evangelism in our local community and discipleship in the form of prayer, fellowship and personal mentoring.



TEACH – Training up this generation of believers to use their God given gifts in the area of music and arts.






We are Yoel and Liel Davis, parents of three adorable little children.

we are believers in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah our Lord and savior.

We are privileged to be able to serve him as a family along side the Yuval team and to see God's work in the body of believers in Israel.






Yoel completed his service in the IDF in 2010 and received advanced training in the field of media. He has worked for CBN news and later worked for 6 years as media and content coordinator for "Netivah" youth ministry in Israel. For the past three years he has headed the media production company, Mark Maple, Ltd. – Leave Your Mark. This and doing so has been exposed him to a wide variety of projects.







Yuval was funded almost a decade ago, and even then it was clear to Liel that was just before joining her army service that one day she will have a part of this ministry that is so heavy on her heart. From a young age Liel  have been participating in concerts, shows, writing and composing songs, singing, dance and art – all of which are near and dear to her heart. Liel is the office and Finance manager of Yuval arts and a professional sign language interpreter.






Our interests touch on so many levels, but art is an area that has a special place in both our hearts.

The jobs and hobbies we have both enjoyed over the years have always required us to think outside the box and express the creativity and art within us.

In the last few years we have worked together in the business we have established, and we feel blessed to have had the chance to do so. Our working together has birthed many beautiful fruits.

Our goal and desire is to serve the Lord and give him honor and glory. We want to use Yuval as a platform of encouragement, support and edification of the Body of Yeshua in the realms of art and to see the fulfillment of the vision of worshipping God through art by equiping disciples in these areas.


Alex, married to Svetlana (for 40 years), father to Mark, and a grandfather of two.

Has been serving as worship director at

“Grace and Truth Christian Congregation” for 28 years.

Alex was born in the Soviet Union and made aliyah to Israel in 1991.

Before coming to Israel he already obtained formal musical educational training and was an active member of the local philharmonic orchestra.

Alex has been working as a musical producer for “HaChotam Publishing” since 2005.

As part of his position, he has participated in the production of many musical projects and assisted various congregations in the construction of their worship teams and the teaching of musical worship in different congregations.

In 2010, together with Irit Iffert, he established “Yuval - Worship Center of Music and the Arts” and has been teaching at the school since.

Alex gives thanks to God for the privilege of serving Him and training the next generation of Messianic musicians in Israel.





PHONE: 053-2285299

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